PEF Canada, a registered charity under Canadian law, collaborates with IDRF to provide tax exemptions for donations from Canadian taxpayers. With a team of dedicated volunteers who bring senior executive-level experience from leading international corporations, PEF Canada is committed to eradicating poverty in Pakistan through Professional Education. Since its inception in 2018, the PEF-CA Chapter has experienced consistent growth, driven by its members’ passion for spreading the message of PEF and motivating Pakistanis to give back to the country across Canada.

Mr. Shaukat Rizvi, President PEF-Canada Chapter


After retirement, I became a seniors’ enthusiast / advocate and dedicated to giving back initiatives. I firmly believe in the mission of PEF and its support to more than 3000 students over last 11 years has had a major impact on alleviating poverty in Pakistan. I also believe that it offers the best return on investment to society on a donor’s investment.

Mr. Riaz Ghani

Vice-President, PEF Canada.
Real Estate Broker, Ontario, Canada.
Former Director Marketing Philips Lighting China.

It's a travesty that brilliant students who have secured admission in professional institutions can't pursue their studies due to financial hardship. I feel there is no better way to alleviate poverty in Pakistan than to help these aspiring students transform their lives and the lives of their future generations - I feel privileged and excited for the opportunity that Allah (SWT) has given me.

Mr. Syed Hasan Akbar Kazmi

Private Equity Professional turned Entrepreneur.
Former Director and senior member of JS Group including Head of North America and Head of Middle East & Africa.
Former Chairman of board of JS Global Capital Limited.
Former board member of Jura Energy Corporation, and several other listed companies.
Current board member AZGARD NINE LIMITED - Pakistan.
Member of Institute of Corporate Directors-Canada.

I have been passionate about philanthropy since many years and has been involved in diverse projects covering natural disasters and other areas. Learning about the vision and achievements of PEF, I was motivated take active part in this remarkable initiative. Will continue to contribute towards the progress of PEF and betterment of Pakistan.

Mr. Junaid Alam

Senior commercial banker currently working with Tandia Financial Credit Union in Ontario Canada.
Former Corporate Banking Head-South at Allied Bank Ltd., Pakistan.
Former Team Leader - Corporate Banking at Banque Saudi Fransi, Saudi Arabia.

I had been supporting education and vocational based non-profits in Pakistan for last many years, but recently, I was introduced to Professional Education Foundation (PEF) and its outstanding achievements for the last 14 years. As I learned more about PEF, I was impressed with its reliable and flawless selection procedure of deserving students. I decided to join the PEF-CA Chapter to promote to contribute to its growth & success.

Mr. Umair Suria

Senior Financial Executive, CPA (Canada & USA)
Former Senior Auditor at Ernst & Young LLP.

Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day, teach a person how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime. That is what excited me to join the mission of PEF in transforming lives and generations with rewards that continue forever. Together we can make an immense difference through the power of Education and alleviate poverty in Pakistan one student at a time.